Utilization of Cloud Computing in the field of LIS

Dr. V. Senthur Velmurugan
Distributed Computing; Characteristics of Distributed Computing; Benefits of Cloud Computing; Cloud Deployment Models; Cloud Figuring in Library and Information Science; LIS.
Distributed computing is a procedure that gives benefits to virtual machines. Distributed computing administrations are changing how organizations and open establishments use data innovation. Today cloud administrations are accessible to meet most any Information Technology (IT) needs. The primary point of Cloud registering is to get adaptability the framework, because of which Central Processing Unit (CPU) and memory will be completely used. Utilization of distributed computing in libraries is generally new territory when contrasted with its applications in business and corporate division. Libraries everywhere throughout the world are moving towards distributed computing usage to utilize the highlights and administrations of it to improve their frameworks and administrations. This article talks about the nuts and bolts of distributed computing alongside its attributes, types, favourable circumstances, needs and applications in the field of libraries. This article talks about both the positive and negative part of distributed computing and it additionally tells the accepted procedures for the execution in the library condition to get its most extreme advantage.
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Received : 16 April 2022
Accepted : 22 June 2022
Published : 28 June 2022
DOI: 10.30726/ijlca/v9.i2.2022.92001