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A Novel Protocol for Packet Arrivals in DTNs

Abstract :

Delay  tolerant  Networks (DTNs)  is  an  approach to network architecture  which  will targets the  heterogeneous network. Delay tolerant network may  will deals with mobile nodes  even  the  mobile  nodes  don’t  have  any  end-to-end connection.  From  the  above  context,  contacts  between  the two nodes  are  limited  because  of  its  low  density  of  active network  nodes.  So  make  sure  routing  statics  to  permit  the time  delivery  from  source  to  destination  with  maximum probability.  If  the  portability  between  nodes  can’t  known before  which  may  cost  of  repeat  the  actual  information,  this process may consume lots of power and storage resources. In this  paper  we  explain  about  packet  pair  property  in  First-In-First-Out  queuing   networks  and  shown   you  how  it  can measure through bottleneck link bandwidth.
The    First-In-First-Out    queuing    network    judges    the difference in two packet landing times with equal sizes from same source to destination. We have described the protocols for  optimality  of  proper  delivery  and  mean  delay.  Here  we may  differentiate  the  two  conditions,  one  is  source  may overwrite its packets in relay nodes and second is source may not.

Authors: K.Surekha and M. Srujan Kumar

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ESIJ-1-1-3 - A Novel Protocol for Packet Arrivals in DTNs