Design and Fabrication of Hydroponic System for Leafy Vegetables

Amit Gurav, Amol Ghadge
Urban Farming; Hydroponic; Tower Prototype; Cocopeat.
In today’s date urban farming is one of the key solutions to global food insecurity, however due to land scarcity inside urban areas, implementation of these solution is challenging. To address this urban hydroponic farming is introduced since hydroponics is an effective way of conserving both water and space. However, hydroponics itself is complicated because there are various factors that can affect the growth of plants. This study shows the design, fabrication and testing of hydroponic tower prototype for growing various crop using cocopeat as a growing media. Also, analysis on various parameters such as plant length, leaf size, ambient temperature, relative humidity, pH level and electrical conductivity can be done. Plant growth and environmental condition showed that hydroponic tower was a success in terms of growing ‘Fenugreek’ (Methi) using cocopeat media.
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Received : 04 April 2022
Accepted : 22 June 2022
Published : 27 June 2022
DOI: 10.30726/esij/v9.i2.2022.92003