IoT Based Irrigation Monitoring System

K. Sujatha, V. Srividhya, Bikrant Nayak
Internet of Things; Automatic Irrigation System; Raspberry Pi; Soil Moisture; Cloud Computing
Farmers have been growing their crops and vegetables with varied success which depends on the moisture content of the soil. The major task is to monitor the moisture content of the soil and the other related parameters like temperature, humidity and light intensity so as to provide a closed loop monitoring system. So it is decided to monitor and automate the irrigation system for the advancement in agriculture field. By implementing this cost effective agriculture monitoring scheme a milestone can be created in green revolution. This module serves the purpose of monitoring the plants from anywhere at any point of time, by integrating this system with cloud technology.
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Received : 15 January 2020

Accepted : 20 June 2020

Published : 26 July 2020