Standardize and Develop a Complete Meal as a Nutri-Spro Powder for Nutrition of Children

Dr. Swati .D.Shende (Nakhale) and Samruddhi Bhaskar Zoting
Early Age Children; Nutri-Spro Powder; Nutrition Education; Malnutritio
While weight gain in children is a primary concern for most Indian mother‘s it is important to remember that your name should be insure the balance diet which provide all the nutrition your child needs to grow this will automatically help the child attend on healthy weight a diet also ensure that they get enough nutrient, various vitamins and all the minerals that are required for the overall development of the brain and physics. According to the findings in this study, malnutrition is highly prevalent in the all socioeconomic group‘s children‘s. There are many reasons as to why the prevalence is evident and will continue in that some factors such as low levels of maternal education, knowledge of nutrition and proper cooking methods and influence a lot on food choices for child feeding The better nutritional profile of under-fives of educated mothers indicates that right to have education and knowledge of proper nutrition is missing among them. It was concluded that nutri-spro powder was shown effective changes on overall growth and development of children and it may be effective if the expecting mother was introduced in her diet from second trimester.
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Received : 22 December 2019  

Accepted : 21 May 2020

Published : 04 June 2020  

DOI: 10.30726/esij/v7.i2.2020.72007

Standardize and Develop a Complete Meal as a Nutri-Spro Powder for Nutrition of Children