Levitation of Cells

Chetana Krishnan
Levitation; Incision; Acoustic; Ultrasonic; Platform
In the current trend, cancer has become something like cold. Almost in every street, at least three people fight cancer. The traditional method of curing cancer includes chemotherapy and pills. But it is effective only at the early stages of cancer. Till now, no cure has been found in curing cancer completely. The principle behind chemotherapy involves the killing of cancer cells by passing high level radiation such as gamma radiation through the body. Moreover chemo causes post complications such as hair loss, weight loss etc. which makes the person’s life miserable. The other problem which currently exists in the surgical area is removal of small stones (of size less than a unit sphere) in sensitive organs like uterus etc. For example, in the case of removal of uterine stones, since the tube is very small to be overloaded, a slight defocus during incision can cause severe complication and lead to the death of the patient. The size of uterine tube is really small for the incision procedure to take place. If any stone of fibrous type gets formed in the walls of this tube, it becomes really difficult to cut open the tube and remove the stone. Sometimes due to deep tear of the tube, the muscles get damaged and the person may die. So, the important problems that the doctors and the pathologists face nowadays are finding a remedy for cancer and removal of stones from sensitive areas. The solution that we could develop is something common to both the problems and this solution will be useful to cure both the problems. That is some platform which can remove stones with ease and also destroy cancer cells.
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Received : 14 December 2019  

Accepted : 10 May 2020

Published : 04 June 2020  

DOI: 10.30726/esij/v7.i2.2020.72006

Levitation of Cells