Time Series Prediction Grounded on Neural Prophet- Temperature Forecasting

D.B.Shanmugam, P.M.Kavitha, M.Pazhanivelrajan, S.Prithiv Ganth, Dilli Babu
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration; Forecasting Model; Time Series; Myitkyina; Neural Prophet Model
Temperature determining is a moderate and time series investigation cycle to estimate the condition of the temperature for a specific area in coming time. These days, agribusiness and assembling areas are for the most part reliant upon temperature so determining is essential to be exact in light of the fact that temperature admonitions can save life and property. In this work, the Prophet Forecasting Model is utilized for Myitkyina’s yearly temperature estimating utilizing authentic (2010 to 2017) time series information. Myitkyina is the capital city of the northernmost state (Kachin) in Myanmar, found 1480 kilometres from Yangon. Prophet is a particular relapse model for time series forecasts with high precision by utilizing basic interpretable boundaries that think about the impact of custom irregularity and occasions. In this review, the temperature estimating model is proposed by utilizing climate dataset given by an International foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This work executes the multi-step univariate time series expectation model and analyses the anticipated worth against the real information. Such discoveries check that the proposed anticipating model gives an effective and exact expectation for temperature in Myitkyina.
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Received : 17 February 2022
Accepted : 22 March 2023
Published : 31 March 2023
DOI: 10.30726/esij/v10.i1.2023.101003