Work from Home on Library Services during Pandemic

Dr. Md. Alamgir Khan, Dr. Bairam Khan
Pandemic; COVID-19; Digital Workplace; Library Services; Open Educational Resources; Remote Access.
Over the last one and a half years, people across the world have been forced to work from home. This has naturally accelerated the development of the digital workplace. Work in the digital age provides a comprehensive analysis of how emerging technologies reshape the workplace. How does the process of digitalization transform the nature of work? Technological change in the workplace is occurring across many types of industries such as trade, finance, and telecommunication and so on. Library & Information science field is no such exception. Libraries are predominant sources of statistics for society and they function guardians of the general public’s get entry to to statistics. The arrival of the digital global has revolutionized how the public obtains its facts and how libraries provide it. However, at present the whole world is going through a critical phase of COVID-19 pandemic & lockdown environment. Coronavirus has threatened and affected almost all spheres of our living and livelihood. Every academic institution including libraries and information centres have been affected with corona virus. Libraries with their reading halls/ study rooms are also closed. Hence, no physical access to the print collection is possible. As a result, the concept of ‘work from home’ provides a proper way to manage the home time into use of quality time. The main emphasizes of this paper how libraries can best contribute beyond the off-campus to users’ during this crisis and how to make use of our resources remotely at home.
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Received : 12 June 2022
Accepted : 20 September 2022
Published : 26 September2022
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v9.i3.2022.93002