A Study on Consumer Inertia towards E-Wallet usage at Patan City

Anand Patel, Dr. Khuman L. Rathod
Consumer; E-wallet; Inertia; Concern; Adoption.
Demonetization effect, Government promotion, Merchant acceptance, Effect of COVID-19, availability of internet and smart phones etc. are in favour of adoption of E-wallet in market as payment alternative but still Consumer inertia towards use of E-wallet prevails in India. In spite of many advantages to use E-wallet over traditional payment system, Consumers having hesitation due to concerned factors associated with it. Perceived Risk associated with E-wallet usages are safety, privacy, digital literacy, language, cost, fraud etc. makes impact on intention to use and consumer adoption behaviour. Research aims to examine the major factors concern for consumer’s inertia to use of E-wallet. It is an attempt to find out reasons of adoption and impact of demographic variable on concern factors with statistical analysis using SPSS.
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Received : 30 April 2021
Accepted : 25 September 2021
Published : 30 September 2021
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v8.i3.2021.83023