COVID -19 Impacts on World Business Economy

Dr. M. Moses Antony Rajendran, Dr. D. Vinoth Kumar, Nishanth Arul Dominic
Impact of Economy; Business World; Business Economy.
The cornerstone for globalization was laid down by brave adventures who were on a quest to discover countries which were isolated from the rest of the world. The diverse culture, cuisine, attire of the people from the newly discovered countries was something which attracted more travelers. It is evident that the lockdown has had severe impact on all global economies whether it would have a lasting impact depends upon on the growing rate of each country and their ability to indulge in production activities even with the restrictions in place due to the rising cases and this solely lies in the hands of the government. If a sizeable number of citizens are vaccinated this would help in achieving herd immunity which would result in decreased infection rate. As the cases decrease the government is more prone to relaxing the lockdown restrictions and lift the curfew which would aid the industries to start production and gradually the economic activities would flourish.
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Received : 14 June 2021
Accepted : 24 September 2021
Published : 30 September 2021
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v8.i3.2021.83022