An Association of Education and Income with Convenient Payment Mode in the E-tail Industry during the COVID Pandemic

Gurumoorthy. K, Dr. V. Sasirekha
COVID Pandemic; Education; E-tailing; Income; Payment Mode.
E-tailing is the process of selling the goods and services to the large number of customers in the smaller quantity through the internet platform. Indian e-tailing sector is showing a burgeoning growth during the COVID Pandemic. The main purpose of the study is to test the association of the demographic variables Education and Income with the customer’s preference towards the mode of payment. The scope of the study is confined with both the tangibles and the intangibles in horizontal e-tailers. The sampling frame of the study is the respondents those who have a previous experience in buying goods from the horizontal e-tailers. The purposive sampling technique was adapted to choose the respondents. The sample size was 620 respondents. The data was collected during COVID pandemic in India. The data analysis tool was the Chi-square test. The result from the data analysis indicates that both the education and income of the customers are related to the customer’s preference towards the convenient mode of payment during the online shopping. The suggestions and conclusions are discussed further in detail.
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Received  :21 July 2021
Accepted  :23 September 2021
Published :29 September 2021
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v8.i3.2021.83021