Consumer Behaviour towards Branded and Unbranded Value Added Agricultural Products in Navsari City

Amit Lathiya, V.M.Thumar, Kuldeep Choudhari and Gautam Parmar
Consumer Preference; Consumer Behaviour; Branded and Unbranded Value Added Agricultural Products
The study is an attempt to understand different aspects of consumer preference and behaviour on buying branded and unbranded value added agricultural food products. This study aims to identify the buying preference and behaviour of consumer purchase of branded and unbranded food products. For this study information was collected by semi-structured questionnaire method for selected value added agricultural products from 120 respondents of Navsari city. The result of the study revealed that some of the respondents were give more preference toward branded split pigeon pea & basmati rice and some of the respondents were give more preference toward unbranded food products like turmeric powder and sugar. In all the categories of products, higher income group (n3) respondents tend to purchase branded products as compared to other income groups. It is concluded that education of the respondent’s effect their buying behaviour. This study was found that Rantio, Dawat, Ramdev and Madhur are most popular brands of different selected products in Navsari city. Most common source of information for brands is TV/Radio ads followed by friends and relatives and retail shop display respectively. Quality, taste and perceived nutritive value are the top three reasons found for purchase of branded products. Lower income group (n¬1) found to prefer unbranded products as compared to other income groups. Easy availability, lower price and habit found to be most important reasons for purchasing unbranded products. The study will help the manufacturers to make meaningful conclusions on the basis of observations made in the study.
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Received : 06 January 2020  

Accepted : 12 May 2020

Published : 04 June 2020  

DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v7.i2.2020.72006

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