Description of Review of Literature between Social Science and Applied Science by Scholars

R. Venkatesh Aravindh , S. Thirupathi
Description; Review; Literature; Social Sciences; Applied Sciences
Review of literature is an integral part of a research process. It gives researcher lots of inputs and information from a variety of perspectives, angles and viewpoints on the area of research that the researcher is working on apart from the adjacent areas concerning the same. The review of literature also helps the researcher to gain a new direction for the research and also in even formulating the research problem. Apart from the aforementioned aspects, the review of literature also gives a broader and deeper understanding to the researcher to look at the areas and aspects of research that were done by various scholars cutting across geographies around the world. The aspect of describing and writing the review of literature varies in a multitude of forms and dimensions across various streams. There are also differences especially with respect to the subjects concerning the research stream. This research paper is envisioned to establish the differences between the description of review of literature in social sciences and applied sciences.
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Received: 15 January 2019
Accepted: 17 June 2019
Published: 30 June 2019
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v6.i2.2019.62004

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