Gesture Based Interaction in Immersive Virtual Reality

Divya Udayan J
Hand Gesture; Leap Motion Controller; VR Environment
Recent development in virtual reality (VR) interaction with 3D camera and sensors like kinect, range camera, leap motion controller etc., has enabled opportunity in development of human computer interaction (HCI) application. Hand gesture is one of the popular ways that people use to interact with the computer. Even automatic hand gesture recognition appears as a suitable means for interacting with virtual reality systems. This paper focuses on the study and analysis of the application based on gesture interaction technology in virtual reality. Customizing gestures for pointing, grabbing, zoom in/out, swap were defined and implemented in unity 3D with leap motion SDK. The effectiveness of the hand gesture was analyzed through recording user experience and questionnaire.
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Received : 06 February 2020
Accepted : 20 May 2020
Published : 04 June 2020

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