Analysing underlying Cognitive Process in Reading and Spelling among Dyslexic Students

Lajwanti Motilal Jethwani and Dr. R. Subhashini
Dyslexic; Spelling; Cognitive; Reading
The idea of individual’s study is one of the major considerations of the modern theories in education. The aim of this study is to analyse underlying cognitive process in reading and spelling among dyslexic students, over a sample of 60 children belong to private and government schools in Chennai. Schonell spelling test and Schonell reading test were administered to measure the reading and spelling age. F-test is used to analyse the data and the result indicate that there is significant difference in actual age between reading and spelling age.
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Received  : 06 September 2019 

Accepted  : 20 December 2019 

Published  : 04 January 2020 


IJMRSS Analysing underlying Cognitive Process in Reading and Spelling among Dyslexic Students