Ambedkar Model of Democracy and Empowerment and Development of Women

Abstract :

The present paper mainly focuses on Ambedkar, Democracy, Empowerment and Development of Women in India. Dr Ambedkar literature is the boost to the new egalitarian Indian social system. He had lots of knowledge about society and its activities. He contributed his most of the life to empower the backward classes and women in particular. He wrote the constitution of India, it gave opportunities to Women as a democratic country in the world. He did all these by the Constitution of India. As cited above, one of the most backward classes or group is Women. In India, women have a nearly equal population of men. For the upliftment of women in India many social activists, social scientists, social reformers have contributed in their own way before and after independence. Pre-independent and post-independent India tremendously contributed to the development of women. In this, prominent leaders were Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Mate Savitribai Phule and Ambedkar etc. Post-independent, women lifestyle is changing due to Constitutional provisions and Legislations Measures meant for women. Besides the new system of government, still, in many areas is showing rape, murder, domestic violence, etc. The Hindu Code Bill has given changes on woman’s mindset. It showed Ambedkar commitment to approach for women empowerment in India. Independent onwards, day by day its objectives have been accepted by parliament. Dr Ambedkar‘s is the chief architect of the Indian Constitution. He has given three famous slogans are educated, agitate, and organize, as a framework for empowerment. The present paper presents democracy and women empowerment in India..

Authors: Shreekrishna, Dr. Ravindra D. Gadkar

Article : Ambedkar Model of Democracy and Empowerment and Development of Women

Received: 10 October 2018
Accepted: 12 November 2018
Published: 07 December 2018