Promotion System in Tamil Nadu Police Service

Abstract :

The efficiency of a department is largely depends upon the intellectual and technical qualifications of its incumbents. No matter how sound the structural organization or managerial mechanics may be, administrative excellence can never be attained unless the organization is staffed by intelligent and energetic persons. If the Police service is manned by qualified, alert, honest and industrious and dedicated persons, its public image and reputation will certainly be of high order. Any attempt of reform or reorganization of the existing Police organization, therefore, necessarily presupposes the introduction of a sound and correct recruitment procedure. There cannot be any place for inadequate persons in any rational scheme of recruitment. Recruitment can be broadly divided in to recruitment from within and recruitment from without. Recruitment form without is called direct recruitment and recruitment from within is called promotion. In most of the countries of the world recruitment in Police Service is made at two or three levels. Only in England, recruitment is confined to the level of Constable, and the position has become so traditional in England now that it is impossible to change it and introduce recruitment at different levels. The Royal Commission of 1960 naturally was bounded by the Government decision that recruitment must be at the lowest level, but it expressed grave concern with the fact that even amongst Chief Constables there were very few University Graduates.

Author: T. Karthikeyan

Article : Promotion System in Tamil Nadu Police Service