A Comparative Study of Analysis and Investigation using Digital Forensics

Nikunj Pansari and Dr. Ajay Agarwal
Data Extraction; Digital Forensics; Confidentiality; Security; Tools
Data Analysis and Investigation using Digital forensics from Digital Storage Devices, is a defined way towards effective data backup strategies, as well as a key aspect in Data Privacy and Confidentiality. Digital storage Devices like Hard Drives (internal or external), USB Drives, floppy disks, etc. provide a good medium for better utilisation and storage of data and information. So, the main task is to retrieve the stolen or lost data from these devices. Digital forensics provides the exact concept for this data extraction, in a systematic and effective manner. Now, there can be various conditions of a damaged digital storage device like it may be burnt, wet or physically damaged parts, all these conditions play a significant role in Data Extraction. Since, Data is the most important asset for any organisation, so compromising with its Security and Confidentiality, may be wrong or devastating option, for future. Just spending thousands and millions of dollars in finding the vulnerability (large-scale or small-scale), is not a solution for being secure. There has to be proper and effective choice of ways and tools for it.
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Received : 16 January 2020

?Accepted : 24 May 2020

Published : 04 June 2020

DOI: 10.30726/ijlca/v7.i2.2020.72004

A Comparative Study of Analysis and Investigation using Digital Forensics