Smart City Street Light System using Internet of Things

Abstract :

Internet of things is a developing technology that makes use of internet to control and monitor electronic, mechanical and other physical devices connected to internet. In today’s world, IoT is used in various fields. Globally, 7.5 billion peoples are using 12.5 billion internet devices. Smart city is a developed urban area that excels in economy, people and life which is very important for the development of our nation. The need for public sector is increasing day by day to explore IoT technologies to improve traffic flow, reduce pollution and energy consumption. Android mobile phones are used in this paper for street light control. The main objective of street light system is that lights turn on when it is required and light turn off when not required by an authorized user with the help of Wi-Fi module through which we can get access to the street light system from the remote location.

Authors: R. Nandha Gopal, R.Sankar

Article : Smart City Street Light System using Internet of Things

Received: 07 May 2018
Accepted: 01 June 2018
Published: 12 June 2018