Video Steganography and Security Cryptography

Abstract :

Today’s world is growing rapidly over internet technologies. Steganography play an important role in the field of information security [1]. Video and images are very common choice for hiding data. In Visual cryptography we upload an image and embed encrypted data into color component using LSB audio steganography .The advantage of video cryptography is that, large amount of data can be hidden inside and the fact that it is a moving stream of images [2]. The data security approach when combined with encryption and steganography techniques for secret communication by hiding it inside the multimedia file. The data is hidden in horizontal and vertical components of the moving objects. The file such as images, audios and videos contains collection of bits that can further be translated into images, audios and videos. The file composed of insignificant bit and unused areas which can be used for overwriting of other data. This paper explains the algorithm using video steganography for enhancing data security. Key frame extraction technique is new in video steganography and is used.

Authors: C. Ezhilarasi, R.Anitha

Article : Video Steganography and Security Cryptography