Catalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide -A Way to Reduce Enhanced Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming and Improve Climate Control

Mylaudy Dr. S. Rajadurai, Fatima Rajadurai
Enhanced Greenhouse Effect; Global Warming; Climate Change; Catalytic Reduction of CO2.
The uncontrolled natural calamities and catastrophes are frequently occurring due to climate change caused by global warming. The rapid increasing of carbon dioxide percentage in the atmosphere has been identified as one of the major contributors for the enhanced greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change. The amount of carbon dioxide produced from burning of fossil fuels is approximately 65%, which is more than any other sources of carbon dioxide emission. Also, it causes unstable thermal equilibrium in Earth and affects living organisms. Catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide using different catalysts are attempted to reduce carbon dioxide from internal combustion engine. Catalyst such as ZSM-5 Zeolite, activated wood charcoal, ZnO loaded activated charcoal, KOH loaded activated charcoal, activated alumina, charcoal derived from coconut raw materials and lithium silicate coated honeycomb reactor are tested on diesel and gasoline engines and the results are compared. Both absorption and adsorption takes place during CO2 reduction. Conversion vary from less 10% to more than 50% on different materials with different porosity and acidic sites. Modified synthetic materials with mega pores will be used to get more reduction of CO2.
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Received : 24 March 2022
Accepted : 23 September 2022
Published : 28 September 2022
DOI: 10.30726/esij/v9.i3.2022.93004