Heat and Mass Transfer of Steady Hydromagnetic Flow on a Continuously Moving Surface with Soret Effect and Thermophoretic Effect

Govind Pathak
Heat Transfer; Mass Transfer; Hydromagnetic Flow; Soret Number; Thermophoretic Parameter
In the present research paper Thermophoretic and Soret effects in steady free convection flow with magnetic field along with moving surface is studied. Thermophoresis effects is not negligible due to its important applications in engineering mainly for removing small particles from gas streams, in determining exhaust gas particle trajectories from combustion devices and in studying the material deposition on turbine blades. The non-linear boundary layer equations are converted into ordinary differential equation and applying Runge-Kutta shooting method. The effects of non-dimensional temperature parameter, Prandtl number, temperature exponent, magnetic parameter, Eckert number, Lewis number, Soret number and thermophoretic parameter have been studied. The velocity profile, temperature distribution and concentration distribution graphs are plotted and discuss in details.
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Received : 13 November 2020
Accepted : 17 January 2021
Published : 11 February 2021
DOI: 10.30726/esij/v8.i1.2021.81002

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