Fingerprint Enhancement using Gabor Filter Algorithm

Abstract :

The most important thing in fingerprintenhancement method is the segmentation of region and theinterest. Many automatic systems for fingerprintenhancement techniques are based on minutiae matchingconcepts. Minutiae matching concept pointed to the core point, ridge ending and bifurcations of the ridges thatidentifies the fingerprint image pattern. The proposedenhancement method is an essential pre-processing of thefingerprint enhancement applications. Enhanced fingerprintis a common and complex in fingerprint identificationmethod as it gives the base for the performance ofcomputing system. The ridge structure in a fingerprint canbe viewed as an orientation patterns, having a spatialfrequency and orientation. The important step in fingerprintimage recognition is the segmentation of the region ofinterest. Results define the robustness of the proposedsystem.

Authors: Selvi.M,Sridhar.S

Article : Fingerprint Enhancement using Gabor Filter Algorithm

Received: 26 April 2018
Accepted: 08 June 2018
Published: 27 June 2018

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