Energy Security in National and International Perspectives

Dr. B.S.K. Naidu
Energy Security; Electricity; Power Generating Capacity Mix; Renewable Energy; Energy-Environment Interface.
Energy is one of the basic needs of human beings. Uninterrupted availability of energy sources therefore needs to be secured, both in the national and international domain. Electricity is becoming the first choice being environmentally benign at the users’ end. Consequently, nations and the world at large are shifting towards its mass production. Globally, the trend is to shift from non-renewable energies to renewable for the long-term survival of humanity. Being left with just 200 years of fossil fuel, it is a compulsion to do so. Another persuasive factor is the unbearable carbon dioxide emissions leading to global warming. Carbon-free cheap renewable energies
are going to drive the national economies. Being locally available they also eliminate transportation costs. Global and Indian scenarios have been laid out in time horizon of 2020-50. Examples from different continents are illustrating the economic benefits of tilting the resource-mix towards renewables. Indian perspective is crucial for the energy security of 1.38 billion population-second largest in the world. While becoming the world’s fastest-growing energy market, India is lagging in conventional Hydro Power which is the highest efficiency, strongest source of dependable environment-friendly Renewable energy.
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Received : 12 September 2020
Accepted : 26 December 2020
Published : 02 January 2021
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v7.i4.2020.74020

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