Social Challenges of Young Adults in Rainbow Rowell’s “Eleanor and Park”

M. Jebaselvi, Dr. M.V.Sivakumar
Young Adult Literature; Mental Health; Racial Discrimination; Emotion; Gender Disparities; Domestic Problems; Victim of Bullying and Isolation; Unsecured Identity; Adolescence Issues
This research work has chosen “Eleanor and Park” written by Rainbow Rowell to analyze social challenges of young adult. This is a Young Adult American Literature of 21st century contemporary novel published in 2013. This novel is primarily talking about the upper middle class, half- Asian teenage boy and with economically weaker section Danish girl, how both secure each other at different occasions while travelling to school, at public place, unconsciously both love each other, parental support, abuse at home, insecure status of a teenage girl at home and way to escape by engaging with schoolmate, who support when she was bullied by other children in school vehicle and many more in this story. The title of this novel derived from the first name of the main characters name Eleanor Douglas and Park Sheridan use it as title for this novel Eleanor and Park. Rainbow Rowell has written four young adult novels. Among the four novels “Eleanor and Park”is based on school aged young adults of both gender, and speak about invariably about the mental health of young adults, who were all either from middle income family or lower upper income families. The author narrates the stories with strong characterization of Young Adult facing challenges in modern scenario and made the readers as the same character and made them to recollect their past school experience naturally. Her writings explore the difficulties faced by the young adult based on racial differences, which cause for the development unique personality, who were all differ from normal child at home and at school environment. Therefore the author insisted the favourable family for healthy growth of young adult at home and in the society or community mobilization. She has narrate the character of school aged of both gender’s character changes, intelligence, emotion, personality, friendship, conflict at various situations. This research gives a detailed review on selected novels of Rainbow Rowell’s “Eleanor and Park” to find solution for the problems of Young Adult to minimize the mental illness and understand the reality on overall development, and navigate in a healthy way. Hence, this research on “Social Challenges of Young Adults In Rainbow Rowell’s “Eleanor And Park” is much important to understand problems of adolescence and empowering youth.
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Received : 17 September 2020
Accepted : 17 December 2020
Published : 04 January 2021
DOI: 10.30726/ijlca/v7.i4.2020.74006

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