Nexus between Work Life Conflict and Work Life Balance

Dr. A.Thilaha Dharmarajan, U.Ezhilarasi
Work Life Conflict; Work Life Balance; Parental Status
Work-life balance includes a balance between work and personal life that both bring satisfaction to the individual. The quandary for employees that happens today is that when they seek work requests, there is a bounty of adverse consequences on the balance of employees from increased stress, work fatigue, disruption of family and work relationship. In today’s scenario, work life balance is an important challenge. This may trigger stress or decrease employee productivity. It is vital to learn more in particular about the consequences of imbalance on family and community and on changing values among younger workers. This paper is an attempt to identify the correlation between both the Work-Life Conflict and Work-Life Balance. Women employees working in two private organizations at Puducherry were the target respondents. Survey is conducted to assess their level of work life balance. This study attempts to identify the difference in the level of Work-Life Balance of the respondents based on their Parental status.
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Received : 12 July 2021
Accepted : 05 November 2021
Published : 11 November 2021
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v8.i4.2021.84025