A Study on Kerala State Handicrafts Apex Co-Operative Society

SURABHI; Handicraft; Employment; Turnover; Assistance; Profit
Handicraft industry is one of the traditional industries in India as well as in Kerala. In India, the handicrafts sector creates the employment generation of 68.86 lakh artisans. The handicraft industry gives direct and indirect employment opportunities in Kerala, especially for rural peoples. Major income earners from this sector are mainly from economically backward societies. Central and State government gives incentives and support to the artisans mainly through the Handicrafts Apex Co-operative Society (SURABHI) in Kerala. In recent years handicrafts industry faces some problems regarding marketing and production of their products. Efficient working of the Handicrafts Co-operative Society is essential for the development of the artisan. This study is taken to identify the performance of SURABHI in Kerala mainly regarding employment, assistance provided by the government, Turnover and Profit.
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Received : 12 October 2020
Accepted : 03 February 2021
Published : 14 February 2021
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v8.i1.2021.81001

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