Significance of Mobile Applications in Education System

Abstract :

In this Natural world scenario, everything is performed in computerized manner, but recently it is moving from Computer World to Mobile World for trading and commercial purpose. Many small applications are developed and executed via mobile. Likewise computer learning system is slowly moving down and changing into mobile learning system. In field of education, it would become next generation blackboard. It is very beneficial for Students to get knowledge in their desire field.  Usage of mobile is very flexible and cheaper too. This paper supports M-learning, at the same time this paper examines certain Main issues related with the effective implementation of Mobile phones in all levels of education (like primary, secondary, higher-level) as well as types of education (formal, informal). It provides suggestions to address certain challenges that would help in the implementation of Mobile Phones in education. Explains about influence of mobile App development in the field of education with some proposing future works.

Authors: T.Sandhya, P.Swathi

Article : Significance of Mobile Applications in Education System