Green Banking-A Revolution in the Banking Industry

Shailaja D, Prof. Ramesh O Olekar
Sustainability; Carbon Emissions; Carbon Footprints; Environment; Depletion.
Banking is a key service sector in India. Banks have very important role in the development of economy. It contributes its income to the economy in the form of increased Gross Domestic Product. Modern banking is also concentrating on the protection of environment as a CSR initiative through its Instrument called Green Banking. Green banking is the process of reducing internal carbon foot prints and external carbon emissions with a concern over reducing the depletion of natural resources. This paper concentrated on elaborating the initiatives of Green banking of banking sector. The study used descriptive method. It is found that the banks in India are well equipped with Green banking instruments and most of the customers are adopting it. And also benefits of green banking are highlighted.
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Received : 09 October 2020
Accepted : 20 December 2020
Published : 02 January 2021
DOI: 10.30726/ijmrss/v7.i4.2020.74023

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